Bullet ice maker

Offer two sizes of bullet ice within several minutes.

When it comes to cold drinks, ice is front and centre. It seems that it's easier for family to enjoy ice at home if you own an ice maker. Gevi bullet ice maker offers more than that.  Two sizes of ice are for you to choose and then you become your own ice master. More convenient to carry with its lightweight size. Great experience for you in different locations such as party, Rv and so on.


Bullet ice maker is always on the way to satisfy your taste bud with its best performance. No matter in which season, it counts.

Intuitive design flexible to 
wonders with one finger

When you got an new ice maker, probably you were worried about how to use it. It's very common because so am I. 

Gevi ice maker takes it into cosideration and now offers intuitive design, more user-fridendly than ever before. The bullet ice maker is flexible  for you to choose, empowering you priority over ice. Put you a little closer to what ice you want to enjoy. Pressing on it with one finger does wonders- it gives you savory ice which is never run out of. Bullet ice keeps your cold drinks' flavors tasty. 

And, it has quiet operation because of applying advanced technology. So you won’t have to wake up the entire house to make yourself a basket of ice.

Smart infrared sensor frees your hands 

It's a big thing that you got an ice maker that has a practical function. Here is Gevi. You don't have to stand beside the machine or look at it again and again, especially if you are busy. 

It's excellent that the bullet ice maker frees your hands because of the smart infrared sensor, which detects the weight of ice accuractely. It will automatically stop making ice if the basket is full and restart  the process when ice runs low. 

So, you just enjoy ice. That's enough.

Transparent  window for a closer view 

It's wondeful that you are allowed to have an eye feast on how bullet ice is made. And Gevi is exactly the right choice. Its clear and transparent window offers zero-distance view of bullet ice. Through the window, you witness the small or large ice you've chosen before. Gevi puts the fun in functional, offering nice experience.

Besides, it is easy for you check the ice in the basket without opening the lid, saving power. A small step makes a big difference.

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