Vermouth Cassis

Good nugget ice offers a slightly sweetened and sparkling cocktail.
For embracing this hot summer day, every frozen cocktail is worth exploring and making a delicious one for your family. You’re able to make different kinds of cocktails such as romantic Fantastic Leman, light Jack Tar, and refreshing Scorpion as we mentioned before. Exploration doesn’t end here, and today Gevi team is going to share another scrumptious cocktail-Vermouth Cassis.

Actually, the name says it all as it is a mix of vermouth and crème de cassis originating from France is a low-proof liqueur made from French blackcurrants. Crème de cassis, sweet, is most often used to sweeten other wines beautifully and thus deserves a lot of attention in the bar. While vermouth, a kind of delicious fortified wine is a beautiful addition to this beverage. So, how to make Vermouth Cassis?


30ml dry vermouth

30ml crème de cassis

40ml club soda

Lime slice to garnish

Steps to Make It

Gather all of the ingredients.

Fill the glass with a stack of pellet ice.

Pour dry vermouth and crème de cassis into glass.

Top with club soda and stir with a straw lightly.

Often, some people prefer a layered cocktail to enjoy and will leave the Vermouth Cassis unstirred. In terms of the recipe, it is extremely easy to make and delicious to sip especially if you own our nugget ice maker for home, convenient to get enough ice. The classic cocktail is an excellent dinner drink as an aperitif since it is sweet and a little bit tart.

In fact, it tastes very simple and light if you want a light taste of alcohol. It would be the right choice for you. Probably our pellet ice with a lot of air pockets perfectly infuses vermouth with crème de cassis together, although they are not stirred. That is why we can’t feel the alcoholic strength of vermouth.

It gives you a lot of refreshment especially in summer and if you’re interested how to make Vermouth Cassis. Why not have a try to make your own Vermouth Cassis with Gevi? Enjoying a slightly sweetened, sparkling cocktail is really a wonderful experience.

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