Gevi 2-in-1 Coffee Grinder & Pour-over Machine

Red Dot Design Award is the award in search of good design and innovation. Gevi semi-auto pour over coffee machine is presented in Red Dot Design Award 2021.

After a long day, all coffee enthusiast wants is the perfect cup. But brewing an amazing cup of coffee doesn’t always seem worth it: unpack your pour-over setup, wash everything, carefully measure and grind, making a mess in the kitchen, and worst of all it still doesn’t always come out the way you want it.

But a wise barista makes use of all the tools available- starting with Gevi 2-in-1, an all-in-one coffee grinder and pour-over coffee machine, each element held to the most exacting professional-grade standards.

60MM flat burrs
51-step grind settings
Close to zero retention

When choosing a grinder, perhaps no virtue is as important as consistency- it helps you refine your technique and prevents distortion of your coffee’s flavors. That’s why, unlike traditional conical burr grinders, Gevi uses flat burrs to create more uniform micro-grounds and allow you to extract the best flavors, without heating up and distorting the flavor of your beans.

And, our high torque motor turns slowly for quiet operation, so you won’t have to wake up the entire house to brew yourself a cup of coffee.

Three jet spouts 
Rotate up to 360° 
Pour from 3 inches up

The suspended geometric interspersed design simplifies the complexity. The LCD display and the all-metal exterior design further highlight the technological and modern sense of the product. The precisely-machined body is made of sturdy aluminum alloy to ensure that the coffee beans are evenly ground. 
This design combines a professional grinder and a pour-over coffee machine. By combining pour-over coffee-brewing technology with modern automation technology, the product interprets the traditional manual filtration in a new way and allows you to experience a unique form of coffee ceremony. With precise data control, the grind setting, temperature, ratio of coffee powder, water and etc can be adjusted.

The convenient interactive
touch screen

Sometimes you don’t want a standard recipe. Instead, you need to just take things into your own hands. Gevi is a perfect backup, capable of exactly following your lead.

In barista mode, every part of the grinding, heating, blooming, and brewing process can be sped up, slowed down, or even paused while you consider the next step of your masterwork. From the rotation speed and height of your pour to the temperature of water, Gevi can improve your experience to find what best suits your taste.

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