Nugget Ice Maker

Serve you soft and chewable nugget ice for chilling beverages.

We update this article to offer 7 reasons why nugget ice maker is suitable for home in detail from different perspectives, such as the machine, its functionality and people’s need for it. Also, we would like to give you a better understanding about Gevi nugget ice maker.


 1. Light Weight


When you receive a new delivery, it’s very delightful for you open it and take out your countertop ice maker. You’ll find that it’s not heavy and is lighter than you think, up to 34 pounds while a freestanding ice machine weighs more than 100 pounds. If it’s too heavy, maybe it needs someone to help place it on the countertop.

The lightweight body is easier to place it anywhere as you like in order to better fit your home. Or if you would like to regard it as a decoration, you can make it coordinate the design of your home by choosing different colors-blue or white. After cleaning, it's easy for you to drain out of the water easily. 


 2. Small Footprint


Space is important for offering a comfortable home environment for your family. If the pellet ice machine occupies too much space, you find that it’s too crowded to place a new microwave or air fryer and thus feel annoyed about it.

However, most of ice maker now is designed compact and small footprint with ‎17.6 x 9.7 x 16.9 inches, suitable for your little home bar or even the smallest of kitchens. So, you can put it in the corner of countertop, maximizing the space for your home.

3. Fast And Efficient

If you want to get a first batch of chewable pellet ice in 15 minutes to mix up the perfect cocktails in a hot summer, it’s advisable to own a Gevi household ice machine for home with a powerful and efficient refrigeration system.

While it takes 20 minutes for Ge opal to get the first batch of soft sonic ice for drinks, more 5 minutes. Actually, it’s unbearable for you to wait one more minute or even second to quench your thirst. Enjoying chewable ice faster at home becomes more of a reality than a dream, which also is a satisfying thing in your life.
4. Easy to Use

With 2 buttons and 4 indicators, it’s not difficult for your family members to use an ice maker if they want ice for their lemon tea, iced coffee or fruit punch. They can just add water and press the button and wait or do what they want to do. Then, once the ice-making cycle is started, the pieces will be collected in an ice basket, where they can scoop the crunchable pebble ice out.

5. Portable

A portable ice maker can be carried and only needs to plug into a power source to operate and this means that they can be set on countertops. If you have a generator, it can be used for camping and will even work in a small cabin.

It would work well as a residential appliance, even if you already have a fridge to make ice cubes. If you have a pool or workout space in the garage, the portable ice machine could be used in one of these locales with no installation required so it can be moved depending on your needs.

6. Large Amount

Generally speaking, ice for use in beverages is ½ pound of ice per glass and our ice maker machine will provide for 52 glasses of ice, 58 to the maximum, which is already enough for a whole family or even a small party.

7. Craving for Nugget Ice

Soft and crunchable pebble ice is the most coveted types of ice and previously it is only available in restaurants with huge commercial ice machines. However, it becomes more popular because it’s teeth-friendly ice and many people who are crazy for chewing ice become fans of pellet ice. In order to meet their needs, we have developed a pellet ice maker for home so fans can have it right in their home to make ice.

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