1.5 lbs of fresh
ice per hour


35 lbs of ice
per day


Holds up to 2.5
lbs at a time


Enjoy first batch of ice
in 20 mins or less

Visual Ice Mastery: Watch Every Step of the Ice Cycle!

From Filling to Freezing to Sharing -
Experience the Ice Journey in Real-Time.

Real-Time Water
Level Monitoring

Observing Ice

Ice Usage

Restaurant Quality Ice

Super Soft and Chewy Ice

Hydration Promotion

Get More Water Intake

Cooling Fast

Makes Drink Cold Fast with Litter Foam

Melt Slow

Last Longer than Large Cube Ice

Insulated Handling, Easy Usage: A New Era of User-Friendly Design!

Step into a World of Enhanced Comfort, Spacious Utility, and Effortless Maintenance.

Thermal Comfort Handle

Our robust, thick handle offers not just a firm grip but excellent insulation for safety and comfort

Expansive Space for Versatilit

With our large capacity, accommodate all your essentials without any space constraints.

Horizontal Accessibility

Access your contents with ease, thanks to our convenient horizontal placement and removal design

Hassle-Free Clean-up

Enjoy the ease of keeping your space tidy with our design that simplifies the cleaning process.

It's Like Getting Nugget Ice for Free at Home