We are proud to offer

designs that help simplify your life and inspire your day.

Built up in 30+ years
Made with Pro

The supply chain we partner with boasts decades of manufacturing experience in SDA, guaranteeing an exceptional level of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies.

From patents to awards
Innovate Nonstop

Our designs, which feature multiple patents and have won various prestigious design awards, are a clear indication of our commitment to constantly innovating the user experience.

Proven 6,000+ times
Crafted to Last

We meticulously select only the finest materials, use commercial-grade components, and subject each item to over 6,000 rigorous tests, with every detail crafted to outlast.

By global designers
Redefine Classic

We have brought together a team of industrial designers from across the globe to collaborate and create a design language that is truly unique and elegant.

Make each day your masterpiece

Savor One-stop Simplicity

Indulging in your coffee break.

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Stay Cool & Chill Out

Fun to chew, cool to last.

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Vacuum Beyond Boundaries

Less mess, more life.

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Master in Life.

Gevi brings unparalleled comfort, exquisite sense, and inspiration to every household—and Master Mind to those would-be Masters in Life.

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