Mastering the Perfect Brew: the Best Coffee Ratio for a French Press

Mastering the Perfect Brew: the Best Coffee Ratio for a French Press

The French press, also known as a press pot or plunger pot, is a popular coffee brewing method known for its simplicity and ability to produce a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. However, achieving the perfect French press coffee isn’t just about the quality of your beans or the temperature of your water—it’s also about the coffee-to-water ratio. In this article, we’ll explore the best coffee ratio for a French press, provide an easy French press recipe, and offer tips on how to brew the perfect cup using your coffee machine.

Understanding the Coffee-to-Water Ratio

The coffee-to-water ratio refers to the amount of coffee used in relation to the amount of water. This ratio is crucial in determining the strength and flavor of your coffee. Too much coffee can result in a brew that’s overly strong and bitter, while too little coffee can lead to a weak and watery cup.
For a French press, the generally recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 1:15. This means that for every gram of coffee, you should use 15 grams (or milliliters) of water. However, this ratio can be adjusted based on personal preference. If you prefer a stronger cup, you might opt for a 1:12 ratio, while those who prefer a lighter brew might go for a 1:17 ratio.

An Easy French Press Recipe

Now that you understand the importance of the coffee-to-water ratio, let’s dive into an easy French press recipe. For this recipe, we’ll use the standard 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio.


1. 30 grams (about 3 tablespoons) of coarsely ground coffee
2. 450 milliliters (about 2 cups) of water


1. Add the ground coffee to your French press.
2. Heat your water to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius). If you don’t have a thermometer, bring the water to a boil and then let it cool for about a minute.
3. Pour the hot water into the French press, making sure all the coffee grounds are saturated.
4. Stir the mixture gently with a spoon or a chopstick.
5. Place the lid on the French press with the plunger pulled up. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.
6. Slowly press down the plunger until it reaches the bottom.
7. Pour the coffee immediately to prevent over-extraction.

Tips for Brewing the Perfect French Press Coffee

While the coffee-to-water ratio is important, there are other factors to consider when brewing French press coffee. Here are some tips to help you brew the perfect cup:
1. Grind size: French press coffee requires a coarse grind. A fine grind can slip through the filter and result in a muddy, over-extracted brew.
2. Water temperature: The ideal water temperature for French press coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90-96 degrees Celsius). Water that’s too hot can over-extract the coffee and make it bitter.
3. Brew time: The recommended brew time for French press coffee is 4 minutes. Brewing for too long can lead to over-extraction, while under-brewing can result in a weak and underdeveloped flavor.
4. Cleanliness: Make sure your French press is clean before you use it. Old coffee grounds stuck in the filter can ruin the taste of your coffee.
Mastering the French press method takes a bit of practice, but with the right coffee-to-water ratio and brewing techniques, you can enjoy a rich and flavorful cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. So, grab your coffee machine, try out this easy French press recipe, and start experimenting to find your perfect brew. Happy brewing!

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