gevi nugget ice maker
gevi nugget ice maker
gevi nugget ice maker

GEVI Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Machine for Home

Model: IMNA0-0A2

$499.99 $399.99 SAVE 20%

Soft Nugget Ice at Home Bar, Perfect for Your Party

  • 4.8 pounds ice basket
  • 30 pounds in 24 hours
  • super soft and chewy restaurant quality ice
  • auto refill and no ice shortage
  • easy to operate and clean

color: white


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  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
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  • Ice Type
  • 24 Hrs Production
    30 lbs
  • Ice Basket
    4.8 lbs
  • Water Reservoir
  • Auto-refill
    • Ice Type
    • 24 Hrs Production
      30 lbs
    • Ice Basket
      4.8 lbs
    • Water Reservoir
    • Auto-refill

    Forget About the Hospital
    You Can Always Get the Nugget Ice At Home

    Restaurant Quality

    The nugget ice has a soft, crunchy texture and locks in the flavor of whatever drink you've put it into.

    Quick Chill

    It cools down your drink fast without compromising the flavor.

    Improved Hydration

    It's a great alternative to plain water that can help you stay hydrated.

    Slow Melt

    Slower dilution allows your drink to gradually mellow and last longer.

    Get the Party Started with Ice
    That's Always Ready - Your Friends and Family Will Love It!

    Simple and Intuitive Use

    Protecting You, Your Finances, and the Planet with Every Drop.

    UV Illumination

    Protecting your water quality and securing your well-being unseen.


    Sensors ensure ice stops automatically, guaranteeing a green, energy-efficient supply.

    Hassle-free Water Refill

    Your Ice, Your Choice!

    Connect, sit back, and relax

    Say goodbye to frustrating ice shortages and hello to an endless supply of refreshments!

    Open it up and do it yourself

    It's up to you to choose how to manually refill, be it tap, filtered, or bottled water.

    Distilled vs Filtered vs Bottled vs Tap Water: What's the Difference?

    Quality Ice Begins with Pure Water

    * Distilled Water Recommended
    Less impurities
    Consistent quality and taste

    Silent Ice Making, No Noise Shaking!

    In contrast to the rumbling dishwasher, the Gevi Nugget Ice Maker operates quietly, producing
    minimal noise for your undisturbed peace.

    Your Ice, Your Choice!

    What Can I Say!!! Get Soft Ice at Home!!!

    What's in the Box

    GEVI Ice Maker X 1
    Ice Basket X 1
    1/4’’ hose X 1
    Ice Scoop X 1
    Manual X 1


    Ice Type Nugget ice
    Water Refill Auto or Manual
    Cleaning Self-cleaning
    Ice Production 15 min
    Rated Power 170W
    Power Source 120V/60Hz/3.0A
    Reservoir 2.8L/3 quarts
    Net Weight 16.5kg/36.4Lbs
    Dimensions 17.2 x 9.6 x 16.7 in


    • Where should I place the ice maker?
      The ice maker should be on a flat surface. Keep it dry. Avoid heat sources and direct sunlight. Close to a water sink would be better for easy draining and cleaning.
    • Why does the water flow out from the ice outlet?
      There is a small hidden water tank over the freezing components. The unit will pump water from the reservoir. Thus it's normal to see water flowing out from the top for the first 5 minutes.
    • Why is my ice maker so loud?
      Please press the Clean Bottom for 3 seconds to enter Defrosting Mode (it would take approx 30 min to complete).
    • How to connect to the tap water?
      Insert one end of the 1/4 inch diameter water line into the water inlet. Connect the other endto the water source. Use a faucet adapter if needed.
    • How frequent should I clean the ice maker?
      Clean every two weeks. Note: It is better to use the cleaning solution to clean. After cleaning, please fill with water to run 3-4 times (and change clean water every time) to remove all the cleaning solutions within the unit.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Karly Hulet
    Terrible sound

    I purchased my first one in (around) July of last year, it started making a terrible noise about 3 months after using it so I contacted customer support and they were great! I sent it back and they sent me a replacements. My new one has now been running for 5.5 months and is making the same noises. I clean it regularly with their cleaning packets and it doesn’t seem to help. I’m so sad because I love the ice it makes but I may have to try my card with a different brand.

    maddie c
    A great ice maker!

    i absolutely love my gevi nugget ice maker! it’s quiet, makes ice fast and the ice is so soft! Great for chewing or to enjoy in a beverage! I only gave it 4 stars because it will randomly turn off and restart itself in the ice making process. Which isn’t a huge deal, but when i want ice it’s so hard to wait!~

    Wish the ice stayed frozen

    First one we ordered was so loud it sounded like it was going to blow up. No, problem contacted customer service and after shipping the old one back, the new one is much quieter. Still louder than preferred but ok. Made a couple batches and it’s nice to have ice but you must remove the ice to a freezer or it will melt. Not ideal but better than filling up ice trays after our brand new Bosch fridge ice maker broke after 2 MONTHS and no technician to fix.

    Faithy's Delight
    Makes ice quickly and quietly.

    This machine is worlds better than the 2 previous GE machines I have have that each lasted just out of their warranty period before they broke. Gevi is quieter and makes it more quickly. The self cleaning feature works better also. Just a better machine.

    Great product

    I was scared to purchase something like this from Amazon but this product exceeded my expectations!!! Its not loud and its the perfect Ice!! Quick set up, clean look very pleased!!