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Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Maker With Viewing Window

Also known as Pellet ice or Chewblet ice. Unlike those hard ice cubes, nugget ice is made not only to cool down drinks but also to retain their flavor and provide chewable joy. Before you have to drive to chain stores for it, but now you can have it directly from your countertop whenever…

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Model: Stainless Steel with Auto Water Refill

Stainless Steel with Auto Water Refill
Stainless Steel


  • Where should I place the ice maker?
    The ice maker should be on a flat surface. Keep it dry. Avoid heat sources and direct sunlight. Close to a water sink would be better for easy draining and cleaning.
  • Why does the water flow out from the ice outlet?
    There is a small hidden water tank over the freezing components. The unit will pump water from the reservoir. Thus it's normal to see water flowing out from the top for the first 5 minutes.
  • Why is my ice maker so loud?
    Please press the Clean Bottom for 3 seconds to enter Defrosting Mode (it would take approx 30 min to complete).
  • How to connect to the tap water?
    Insert one end of the 1/4 inch diameter water line into the water inlet. Connect the other endto the water source. Use a faucet adapter if needed.
  • How frequent should I clean the ice maker?
    Clean every two weeks. Note: It is better to use the cleaning solution to clean. After cleaning, please fill with water to run 3-4 times (and change clean water every time) to remove all the cleaning solutions within the unit.

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Expedient icemaking.

I love how quick it makes the ice cubes. Ive got it constantly going since my icemaker broke in my refrigerator.

I absolutely love!

I recently purchased the Ice Maker Countertop and I am extremely pleased with its performance and convenience. This portable ice machine is a game-changer and has made it so much easier for me to have a steady supply of ice at home. It has a fast ice-making capability, producing 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 6 minutes and can generate up to 26.5lbs of ice in a 24-hour period. The self-cleaning feature is a great addition, helping to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the ice maker with minimal effort. The ice basket and scoop included are handy accessories that make it easy to use and serve the ice. This countertop ice maker is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for various settings such as home, kitchen, bar, and even camping trips. I highly recommend the COWSAR Ice Maker Countertop to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to produce ice on demand.

Traci LaCroix Reid
I love how it will keep the I've froze even over night

It's really quite, it arrived really fast, the ice is just like sonic ice or better, I eat a lot of ice and it keeps up with me

cecilia calleja
Ice ice

Just like you says in six minutes nine cubes it always comes on like its supposed to. I filled my bag and a few ice cream buckets full of ice and not in a matter of days in a matter of hours I love my machine.

Rob Hormann
Great Little Machine

This is a greatice maker. The first basket will fill in about 75 minutes and then it gets quicker.

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